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Ariel Carmeli
Ariel Carmeli

This is an ornate tribal design that has top shelf abalone that looks so deep you feel you can look through it!! Snakewood points into ebony accented with Tiffany rings at every point. Also a custom set of matching caps can be obtained at a small increase! Great cue!!!!!!
Mike Bender
Mike Bender

Here is a sexy rosewood 5 point flame veneer beauty. This is a solid, sound player that moves the ball effortlessly! This beauty is a great collectable! And monster player!
Richard Black Cues
Richard Black Cues

This is one of the most stunning and traditional RB cues. It is a one-of-a-kind, custom split diamond!

This is a beauty with delicate inlay adorned. This cue with silver abalone, and all white is natural! Incredible player and stunning looker!

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