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One of a kind natural material masterpiece made by Germany's finest cue maker--Marcus Dienst of Arthur Cue. This cue has unbelievable detail. Call for more information.

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Thomas Wayne
Date Added: 8/21/2019
Weight: 19.2 oz
Condition: New
Length: 58"
Joint: Radial
Shafts: 13 mm
Wrap: Wrapless
"Purple Reign" is built of quilted Bolivian Purpleheart base wood with five forward and five reverse natural material points, featuring natural material spear tips and Sterling Silver accents. Perfectly splitting each natural material point is a layered veneer V-point; these points arch around the cue, each meeting the other in a perfectly mitered junction - something that has never been done before.

The front and back of the cue are joined to a Gabon Ebony center section utilizing dual full-splices - another cuemaking first. Within the Ebony section there are inlaid twenty mated natural material spearheads, each meticulously engraved and highlighted with natural material rings and Silver accents. Centered between these spearheads are five elaborate natural material and Silver inlays surrounding stunning center inlays of rare Violet Oyster shell.

This is why Thomas Wayne is the most innovative cue maker alive today. This is a true 10 point (5 up & 5 Down) full splice. Not only does it have an odd number point splice, it also has concave veneer work that gives a sharper point into the natural material points. The cue is adorned with silver natural material purple heart and rare violet pearl! This is a premier show piece and is in publications!
Price: $12,750.00!
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