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One of a kind natural material masterpiece made by Germany's finest cue maker--Marcus Dienst of Arthur Cue. This cue has unbelievable detail. Call for more information.

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Thomas Wayne
Date Added: 8/21/2019
Weight: 19.0 oz
Condition: New
Length: 58"
Joint: Radial Pin
Shafts: 13 mm
Wrap: Italian Leather
This elegant beauty is called "Vallissa" - Ebony cue with Elephant natural material, "Honey" Mastodon natural material, Swamp-peppermint Burl, Silver. natural material joint & buttcap. This cue is highlighted to show how each piece intertwines and flows thru this cue. With Thomas making less than 6 cues a year and not taking orders at this time, it makes these extremely sought after. Thomas is known as a master of design, and these second generation cues with logo play even better than the first generation. This is a WORLD CLASS CUE FROM ONE OF THE TOP CUEMAKERS IN THE WORLD! GREAT INVESTMENT!!
Price: $10,500.00!
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